Sunday, October 25, 2009


It isn't everyday that a girl gets to write a post about weaponry! I changed my mind about wanting to be a granny for Halloween. I still want to baby powder my hair one day but I figure at this rate I'm bound to be gimpy again by next Halloween (since this will be the second one in a row that I will be limping for).

In a fit of pure nerdom I decided I wanted to be a vampire slayer but since I am a brunette I shall be Faith, the slightly evil, super butt kicking vampire slayer, instead of Buffy. Very easy costume, lots of black, bright lipstick, slightly disheveled hair and oh yes, some stakes! I kind of wish I could get a hold of a crossbow but somehow I think that would be a bad idea for several reasons.

1. I would have trouble bringing weaponry into public places like a bar or say, the subway station.
2. Intoxicated people really should be around such easily lethal weaponry.
3. I would have to carry it all evening. Crossbows look kind of heavy.
4. It definitely wouldn't fit in my purse.

I plan on spending part of the day tomorrow converting an old, broken hockey stick into a few stakes. I can't quite figure out how we ever acquired a hockey stick since to my knowledge neither my brother nor I ever played street hockey (let alone on ice).

The rest of the day shall be alternately reserved for studying for the GREs, yelling at my GRE prep book and consoling myself by eating copious amounts of Swedish fish. Sugar highs are the only thing that seem to get me through this. I never minded studying for content exams in college or high school but this test is absolutely ridiculous. I wish I could do what I did for the SATs and not study but I want a top score.

Bets on how many days before I start throwing my book at the wall or attempting to burn it?


Josh said...

i bet $1 that it takes 2 days :p

and yes, crossbows ARE heavy

Alex said...

OOO have you ever gotten to hold a real crossbow?! Cool!

FredL. said...

sYou wouldn't have to carry the crossbow- some cone with shouldr straps so that the cross is across your shoulders, and the main stem is aligned with your back. It is a slight problem sitting down, though

Alex said...

Hmmm, hypothetically, a shoulder strap would work.

Josh said...

there still remains the problem of the subway......

FredL. said...

What's the problem with the subway? Worn on her back the crossbow isn't a "concealed Weapon" and to my knowlege only guns and rifles need to be licensed. Just be cause you are wearing a crossbow doesn;t mean that you are carrying arrows to go with it, therefore it is not a danger.

Rachel S said...

Hope you post a picture of your final costume. Have fun!