Monday, November 9, 2009


I have been bad. Very bad. There have been not so subtle hints about my need to update the blog. So, the most important news first:

I have a job! It starts December 1st and is down south, in Busan. I decided to stop looking for jobs in the Seoul/Anyang area because I wasn't finding what I wanted and realized that the reasons I wanted to stay in that area weren't so important. The more I looked into being down south, the more I wanted to go. Not to mention, there is way less pollution and I would be within 20 minutes of the beach. I grew up on an island; I really miss the beach. In NY, I even like to go walk on the beach in the winter and not being able to go regularly this year was not so wonderful. Anyways, the area has a vibrant expat community, fabulous public transportation, universities and the SEA. I'm a fan. It's easy to get up to Seoul for the weekend (I did the reverse to go swimming with sharks in Busan earlier in the year) and just seemed like a better fit for me. So why haven't I been blogging? Last minute paperwork, getting my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate so I can get paid more (still working on that, ugh), and working for my Dad have kept me pretty busy.

Speaking of working for my Dad: today I was his courier and went into the city to pick up a check for him. First, they couldn't find the check. It was buried on the desk of someone who hadn't come in yet that morning. Ten minutes later they dug up the check, no big deal. I smiled big and headed out to the bank. After all, money is money and 10 minutes isn't that big of a deal. At the bank counter, I filled out my deposit form but when I got ready to endorse the check I realized that it wasn't signed. Back to square one. Took a few minutes at the office to get someone who was certified to sign the check but eventually it got done. However, in between the bank and the office (4 short blocks) I got hit on twice and checked out 4 times. I was wearing my very demure boat neck, navy blue shift dress that I bought for work with black leggings and flats. Made me doubt the work appropriateness of the dress but after consulting a mirror (and my Mother) I decided that it was just that New York men are ridiculous. The dress is conservative. The only thing more conservative than this dress would be a burka. Why are really dark sun glasses wonderful? You can pretend you can't see or hear these morons.

Dear Men/Boys,
Have these street tactics ever worked? Seriously?!


Nancy K said...

I will not be happy to see you go back to Korea, but I know you'll be happy to be working again.

Alex said...

So very true!

Rachel S said...

Congrats on the new job. Can't wait to see photos of that area. What ages will you be teaching? Safe travels.

Alex said...

Older elementary school, 3rd grade through 6th I believe.