Thursday, October 1, 2009

A love affair

Yesterday I spent most of the day getting all of my paperwork properly assembled. I finally have an apostilled (I know that isn't a verb word but just go with it) criminal background report! I sat in Starbucks only long enough to get my cell phone charged and working again. Starbucks downtown are full of NYU and Cooper Union kids and it made me feel weirdly old. I know that being the ripe age of 23 is young on pretty much every scale but seeing a bunch of college kids studying evoked a really strange mix of emotions. It was a combination of relief at not having to be sleep deprived anymore, jealousy of studying and learning, alienation from the local culture and a wee bit of bitter nostalgia for taking classes (I suppose that is the same as the jealousy but it felt like 2 separate emotions). So instead of sitting and basking in my latte buzz I wandered down to Washington Square park to read and people watch. (Working my way very slowly through Dicken's Hard Times. Slowly meaning that I keep abandoning it to read other books and then returning to it for more 19th century schadenfreude goodness.)

Later I met up with friends for Lapalapa, yummy Mexican food. I had tacos al pastor and shared a pitcher of frozen margarita. My God I forgot how good margaritas are properly made. The lack of lime in Korea seriously prohibits the successful execution of a margarita and they never have frozen on the menu. Everything was reasonably priced by NY standards but I keep forgetting how much more expensive it is to go out here. Good thing I don't have many friends in NY.

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