Monday, October 5, 2009


No, not sparkling Korea (for those of you lucky enough to not have seen that ad campaign, hope to remain in ignorance to my reference) but my sparkling bathroom. That's right, the highlight of my day was cleaning my bathroom to its sparkling glory. It was also followed by sweeping my Mom's studio. I need to get a life. Desperately.

I also picked up my watch from the jewelers. It is now the right size but the battery change didn't fix the problem so now I have to call Dillards and complain. On the other hand it will make a marked change to complaining about pain! Today, I have stumbled upon a lovely pain killer combination: topical anti-inflammatory (think ibuprofen in a tube) and regular Tylenol. Still hurts but not so badly. I am a fan. My Mom's best friend recommended the topical stuff and since my Mom has a bazillion things wrong with her back/neck/shoulder we have quite the pharmacy. No worries, this is the over the counter variety.

Tomorrow the exciting venture will be calling Dillards and starting on my Mom's back closet which is in dire need of OCD like reorganization. She did not even ask me to do it, I am doing it out of sheer, mind numbing boredom. (Though to be fair, it is also a slight guilt trip ploy to get her to hem my pants before I go into the city on Thursday since I obviously want to wear my favorite jeans.) Now that the 5 day holiday is over in Korea I shall get more emails and interviews set up. Thank God, being unemployed is heinously boring. It's fun for about 2 days and then I ran out of things to do. I am much better at keeping myself occupied for smaller amounts of time. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be like my late Grandpa and keep coming out of retirement until my health forces me to stay there because good grief it must be boring.

I may need to start blogging about the news since there is obviously nothing going on in my life.


Jessica said...

Did I miss a post about something with your new watch being wrong? What's up? Also does it have a warranty? It shouldn't need a cleaning/overhaul if it is brand new and that is the only thing I can think of that would explain it not working besides a dead battery. Well maybe not the only thing but that's what we go to next at work when a new battery doesn't help.

Alex said...

yeah it has a warranty but dealing with this shit is a pain in the ass.

Josh said...

everything has the potential to be a pain in the ass

Alex said...

that it does.