Saturday, October 3, 2009

When in doubt, turn to google.

Today I googled things to do while you are bored and things to do while you are bed ridden. Based on my wonderful search engine advice I did the following:

1. Gave myself a virtual makeover. Was much more dull than the magazines made it sound.
2. Gave myself half of a real makeover then decided it involved too much effort/standing.
3. Played online puzzle games.
4. Finished 3 more pages in my scrapbook/multimedia journal project.
5. Stared into space.
6. Drove to Amityville to play musical cars with my Dad. Driving still hurts but was not excruciating/tear causing.
7. Watched an episode of John Doe (old tv show) and the new Stargate on Hulu. Neither of them were very good.
8. Ate 3 meals. This can be a very good time killer if you eat slowly.
9. Brushed my dog.
10. Made my dog a doggie food omelet with 3 eggs, dog food and Parmesan cheese scrapings. He was very pleased.
11. Read every single blog I follow and have bookmarked.
12. Read every single web comic anyone has ever recommended to me.
13. Reread the Time Traveler's Wife.
14. Took an hour long bath.
15. Took lots of extra strength tylenol.

I need to go back to Korea/have my ankles get better before I lose my mind from the boredom. Just so you know. Also, my blog posts will never ever be interesting again if I don't get more mobile. Unless of course I get abducted by aliens and have freakish experiences in outer space before returning to my blog. It could happen.


Rachel S said...

Just for you, I posted a new blog for you to read.

Josh said...

is the new stargate REALLY that bad???

Alex said...

Meh the new Stargate was so so. I'd give it another episode to redeem itself. It was too nonlinear in a way that didn't help enhance what was going on, just confuse it mroe.