Thursday, December 31, 2009

Doomed as Usual

I have a ridiculous history of having my New Years Eve plans completely and utterly train wrecked. I always seem to be recuperating from surgery and doped up on opiates, sick or otherwise incapacitated. The first major year I had plans to be in NYC in high school, my boarding school friends who were supposed to meet me got stranded in Vermont because of a major ice storm. One year I gave up even trying to make plans and just had dinner at home with my parents, sipped champagne at midnight and went to bed.

This year I was supposed to go dancing with Salsa Boy and friends in Hongdae but I woke up this morning utterly incapacitated by a vicious cold. I am going to have a drink locally, get my first midnight kiss and go to bed.

In order to make up for the major mope fest that is this blog post, look at another ridiculously cute photo of my nephew.Look at that cutie pie. ~coos~

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