Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years

New Years actually didn't end up being a doom fest. Yes, I was sick and not feeling so hot but I managed to cheer myself up and get out of the house with Salsa Boy. Of course, part of that process involved getting a soy vanilla latte but it's a small price to pay for happiness/not falling asleep at a bar. The original plan was to go into Seoul and go dancing but there is no way I was doing that when I have to stop every few minutes to blow my nose. It just doesn't work.

We went to a local expat bar, Uncle Don's, where the booze is cheap, the darts and pool are free AND the staff keep a never ending supply of chips and salsa going at the tables. You really can't object to that sort of combo. I lost miserably to Salsa Boy in each of the 3 games that we played. Ironically, the only thing I can hit with any sort of consistency is the bulls eye. It didn't help too much though since we were playing cricket.

Tonight is our very last flaming dr pepper party in Korea. It shall be an extravaganza. Salsa Boy even made a movie preview for the party which is very silly but created lots of good hype for the party!

I just tried 8 times in the last 24 hours to upload the video. Blogger won't do it. You'll just have to imagine 2 taekwondo black belts going at it, fireballs and insanity over the course of two and a half minutes.

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Josh said...

oh but I REALLY want to see that video