Wednesday, December 9, 2009

English Speech Contest

Today I sat still for 1.5 hours and listened to kids recite the same stories over and over again. It actually wasn't that bad since they were sort of hard to understand and it took me a few times to actually figure out what was going on in the story. It was only the select few students from each grade presenting, not all billion of my students. The sad thing is that only kids who attend an English after school program really have a chance of competing since preparing for these things takes a lot more time and attention than a public school teacher has available. I was on the judge panel and got to fill out little sheets that I graded very leniently.

Next up: nothing. My biggest plan for the evening involves making myself some noodles and curling up with a book. I should be going out and trying to find the expat hot spots near me but I'd rather just wait until I meet all of the newbies next week at orientation. Hermit Alex is definitely dominant this week.


Rachel S said...

Here in the southern USA I can have 3 or 4 employees tell me the same story and I also won't understand much of it til the last person, so I can empathize with your story.

Alex said...

That southern accent, huh? :)