Monday, December 7, 2009

Not lost!

Yesterday was a momentous occasion: I found my office without getting lost. And if I thought the first time was a fluke, I managed to do it again later in the day! Obviously, I'm starting to settle in. This week marks the first time I have actual social engagements! Tomorrow, the teacher who I share an office with is taking me out to sam gip sal (Korean barbeque) with his wife! I'm very excited. When you go with Koreans, they always know the best places. I hope I'm not expected to drink too much soju because that stuff packs a punch and tends to leave me with a headache the next day. No surprise, considering it is made with ethanol ever since a rice shortage in the recent (ish?) past.

...Trying to write a blog post before finishing my first cup of coffee is a disaster. I'm all sleepy! I'll try for a longer post later. Possibly with pictures!

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FredL. said...

alchol? headache the next day? sounds like a hang-over. Maybe its best not to have any!