Friday, January 8, 2010

ADD Hell

Right before I went on vacation they moved my office to the teacher's room on the third floor. In many ways this is fabulous, the primary reason being that it is significantly warmer and also the copy machine is right there. Not to mention that people are always putting out treats on the main table and I am the closest to the snack plate. However, there are things that are not so wonderful:

1. Being so close to the source of coffee and tea: What I first thought of as a boon is really just a recipe for disaster. My first full day of sitting in the office is done and I've had so much coffee and tea that I feel nauseous. I haven't accidentally done that in awhile. It's just that, it's SO TASTY AND HARD TO RESIST!!!! Every time I got frustrated I got up, walked over and refilled my shiny new extra large travel mug.
2. I'm easily distracted. Every single time someone enters the teacher's room to get to their desk, I turn around. Every time someone talks or gets up, I turn around. Needless to say this disrupts my work flow a bit.
3. Not being able to admonish my computer in French or English since people generally tend to frown upon speaking to inanimate objects.

On the plus side, I am slowly figuring out how to use power point in Korean. I tried downloading the Open Office software but their version of power point was so awful that I went back to the Korean Microsoft version instead. There is a lot of random clicking involved in this alternated with stifled exclamations of glee when I figure out how to do what I want to do.

Now I must master the other ADD Hell, otherwise known as the grocery store. Incidentally, I spent over an hour making a supermarket vocabulary related power point presentation. This morning I was forced to eat instant noodles for breakfast since I didn't go grocery shopping last night. Instant noodles should not ever be considered a breakfast food. It broke my spirit just a wee bit.

...To say I need a Friday beer is the understatement of the century. I spent 7.5 hours today writing lesson plans. Weirdly enough, I was in a good mood through all of that and I'm in a good mood now. Lesson planning can be frustrating at times but at least it is productive.

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