Friday, January 8, 2010

Pink Cereal. Yes, pink.

In my attempt to find breakfast food that would not make me sick, and is not instant noodles, I bought some corn flakes that have dried apple and strawberry in it. Now, the box was pink but I didn't think that this meant the cereal would be pink. Oh no, the cereal is pink. Even the cornflakes have an oddly pink tinge to them. It turned my soy milk pink. This was highly disconcerting behavior for breakfast cereal. Tasty though, if a bit sweet.

Last night I went out. There is nothing like 14 foreigners sitting down in a ribs restaurant to garner stares. Soju was heavily involved and thankfully I did not wake up with the soju headache.

Sometimes it's so hard to just put yourself out there. As an expat, you have to be super outgoing in order to make friends quickly and not wither away as a hermit. The hard part for me is that while I love being social, sometimes I just want to be left alone with my books. I feel like I already did this over and over again in Anyang/Seoul and it's hard to make yourself so vulnerable for people who are going to leave in a year, or sooner. It makes you a bit jaded and it's hard to always live in a world that is constantly changing. Usually I find it exhilarating but tired as I was last night, and as much fun as the people were, I just found it overwhelmingly exhausting. I didn't want to be bubbly Alex, I wanted to be cynical Alex who would rather discuss Bulgakov or Arendt than the latest film in the cinema.

On the plus side I have a set of 8 shelving units being delivered to my apartment today which means the ends of my crap in piles around my apartment floor. Organizing my books will undoubtedly put me in a better mood and ready to face the world this evening when we go dancing.


Nancy K said...

Pink cereal huh?
Were these people you met when you went away?

Alex said...

Yeah, partly from orientation, partly from friends of orientation.