Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Last Day

Salsa Boy left Korea today. We've known each other since his 3rd day of Korea...meeting each other was a defining experience of the past year for both of us. I'm letting myself mope around a bit today but tomorrow I refuse to be sad. I will go out, be social and wait for the 15 hour time difference to allow for a phone call.

Yesterday, we tried to have a super Korean day. We started off the morning with acupuncture (okay, more Chinese than Korean but whatever) since I am having ankle problems and his back was bothering him a bit. When I explained the history of my ankle problems and the recent irritation this is what the specialist said to me:
Doc: "You! Running, NO! Rock climbing, NO! Taekwondo, NO! Rest. You, RESTING!"
Me: "but...but"
Doc: Resting!
Me: ~leaves and plans to go hiking~

So I know that technically hiking is not resting but it was Salsa Boy's last day in Korea and we wanted to watch the sunset from the top of the mountain peak behind my house. Besides, doctors are always telling me to stay off of my feet. It gets boring. Very boring. I've read 13 books in the month of January. It's only the 17th. I can't afford to be so sedentary, it's expensive!

We got some bibimbap for lunch, hung out for a bit, made snacks for the hike and then headed up the mountain. Going up was fine, coming back down my Achilles decided that they hated me again and I had to use Salsa Boy's shoulder for a crutch for the bigger steps. Whatever, it was completely worth it and I promise that for the next 2 weeks I will behave myself, just like the doctor ordered. Besides, look at these pictures!

I live down there! Salsa Boy swore that he could see my house, after orienting himself with the elementary school and everything but I kind of don't believe him. These are the first two Korean people I've ever seen not dressed head to toe in hiking gear out on a trail. It made me happy to see someone bending the dress code besides the foreigners.
The pavilion at the top of the peak/ridge. Standard architecture but a lovely place to sit, have a snack and enjoy the sunset.

Tomorrow's plan: get acupuncture, plan the Yangsan book club, maybe grab someone to get dinner with me.