Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Life

So I'm sure I've posted about Sam Gip Sal before. However, the place Salsa Boy and I went to last night was incredible. The kimchi was so good I actually wanted to eat it...without hiding it in my rice. The table was literally covered with tasty side dishes. Check this out:Let's get a close up on those little gray things on the right...It took us a few minutes to figure out That you are just supposed to suck the meat out of the shell. the ocean and it's a bit gritty. Kind of fun to eat though.

Today was the last day of winter camp which was bitter sweet. Not a single one of my students gets to go play after camp. They all rush off to private institutions for more English, Math, Science or piano lessons. No wonder they get stressed out so easily. Anyways, I'll miss them but I get to see them again in February!They had fun posing for the 'crazy' photo though.

And to close, my daily dose of Konglish. An expat friend of mine, M, saw this sweatshirt and couldn't resist buying it.Highly entertaining.


Josh said...


Rachel S said...

The food looks so good. My family eats a lot of Thai, Indian, Japanese food. I love seeing your everyday life photos and reading about your life abroad.

Alex said...

@Aunt Rachel: It WAS so good. I've been trying to carry around my camera more so I get more everyday shots.

@Josh: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!