Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In which I accidentally ate something's intestines.

Yesterday, Salsa Boy and I decided to be more adventurous for dinner. We went into a restaurant where we didn't recognize anything in the pictures or on the menu. The picture we had originally chosen looked really yummy but they were out of that so we just pointed randomly at something else.

It turned out to be tripe, otherwise known as intestines. Barbecue style no less.The stuff on the side is actually yummy sweet potato or sweet squash of some sort. The initial taste of tripe dipped in sauce is pretty good. Five minutes later when you are still chewing it is somewhat less appealing. Salsa boy loved it, I ate my rice. I'm glad I tried it though (and even happier that my camera was actually with me for once

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Anonymous said...

Tripe AKA Chitlins, Kishke- depending on where you come from, and which animal it comes.
I personally like the real kishke stuffed, the way Grandma would have made it