Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Camp, Day 2

Success! Winter camp continues to go well despite the fact that I had 4 new students today, one of which only came for the second half of class. The downside of this is that all of the new students are now boys. 5 boys are highly controllable but the greater the number, the more difficult it is to keep a class on task. Girls are just as distractable (is that a word? blogger spell check says no) but tend to be more sneaky about it and less disruptive. In any case, I really love teaching small classes. It's so nice to be able to call students by their name to get their attention. Startles the crap out of them too since they aren't used to that in public school classes.

A big part of today's activity was reading a Garfield comic, learning about beginning, middle, end and then writing their own comic. I gave each group of 2 a picture template to use (this website is great for teachers) and a dictionary. Out of 6 groups, half of them (guess which half, the boys or the girls?) were about death, killing, robbery or all three. It was highly entertaining. The comic is between 2 characters, an alligator and a bird man thing. Here is one groups (dialogue approximated from memory after corrections):

Bird Man: What's wrong?
Alligator: My friend went to hell.
Bird Man: Good!
Alligator: I'm going to eat you!
Bird Man: Ahhhhhhh!

Most of them were pretty awesome and only one didn't really make sense. I had my Korean co-teacher of the day work with the 2 lowest level groups, helping them express their Korean ideas in English.

Time to go home!


Nancy K said...

5 hours of planning for a 2 and a half hour session? That's a lot of time.

Alex said...

You're telling me! To be honest, I can only be productive for about 2 hours and then I generally give in and read the news.