Sunday, February 14, 2010

Busan Haps, Ghetto, ol'55 ...and Irresponsibility

Friday night has become my wild night. After a week of being a role model, dealing with hyper kids, making sure I'm not inadvertently insulting my elder coworkers by not using the 'yo' form of a verb or bowing properly I just want to go out on the town and dance my heart out.

Of course this is complicated by the fact that I appear to have really done a number on my wrist, to say nothing of the chronic ankle problems. My dad said to me on the phone tonight, "oh dancing all night, must mean your ankles are doing better huh?" My reply..."Dad, that's what tequila is for." A shot of tequila works better than any ibuprofen gel cap, acupuncture or massages. Oh tequila.

Anyways, we started out the night at the Busan Haps issue launch party at club Fabric. They had a pretty bad ass punk band and cheap mixed drinks-- a perfect combination. The best thing I heard all night was from a gentleman there: "I love your top!...hate the skirt." Wish he had just stopped at 'love your top' but I suppose you can't have everything in life. The problem with a punk band is that there is only so much jumping around you can do before craving more real dancing sets in. We set off for Club Ghetto around 1 or 2 and danced our hearts out for hours. Ghetto is interesting, I'm not sure why guys always think they can just grab you instead of asking if you want to dance. Silent Bob and Plaid Bike** both had to pretend to be my boyfriend at various points to fend off random guys. I'm there to dance with my friends; having male friends willing to pretend to be your boyfriend is key for a pleasant clubbing experience if you aren't looking to pull. It was a weird mix of American club hits from the 90s and kpop. Finally, at the end of the night (and by that I mean 4 in the morning) we went to Ol'55 for a night cap before heading back out to Yangsan. As usual, I shared a cab with everyone back to Yangsan station and then grabbed a local out to my neighborhood. By the time I got to my place it was almost 5 in the morning but my lovely warm bed was calling me. No such luck. For the first time in my life, I lost my keys. I have no idea what happened, only that somewhere between arriving in Busan and getting back home my keys must have fallen out of my bag. Thank god it was just my apartment key (an unmarked key) and not my office keys. Rewind, it was 5am and here I am, locked out of my apartment on a holiday weekend. This is what we call officially screwed. I admit, I sat down on the steps outside of my apartment door and burst into tears. Not one of my finer moments but slightly hilarious in retrospect.  Five minutes later, I pulled myself together and called the Female Kiwi, hopped in another cab and crashed on her floor until I could get a hold of my landlord. Thank god he didn't leave town for the Lunar New Year. I don't know what I would have done. My belated new years resolution is to learn how to pick a lock.

Yet another Saturday passed with me failing to update my blog though I will give myself a little slack this week--I was admittedly locked out of my apartment while it snowed at 5am. Coming up tomorrow: updates, news rips and possibly new Konglish pictures.

**Plaid bike boy is obsessed with bikes: riding them, building them and he even has a tattoo of one. I have also never seen him wear shoes that aren't plaid so there you go, Plaid Bike Boy.


Bobby McGill said...
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Bobby McGill said...

A couple of cocktails and I can be bit sarcastic... but the top was so spectacular that the skirt suffered under it's weight.

I deleted the previous comment to add: you write well


Josh said...

ahhhh Tequila..... how i love thee let me count the ways... one, two, three, seven.... ummmm forty-two?

Alex said...

@Bobby, thanks!
@Josh...mmmmmmmmmmm tequila.