Friday, February 12, 2010

Toxic Water

In March, I read this opinion piece in the Korea Times on the stigma attached to drinking tap water despite numerous government actions taken to show citizens that the water is safe to drink. However, the past few weeks have been full of articles about the dangerous chemicals and contaminants found in the Han river during the river clean up project such as unsafe levels of mercury and arsenic.

I went back to drinking tap water in Busan because it tastes good and didn't ever smell funny like my tap water did in Seoul. Bottled water is not economical in terms of capital and plastics, even if you recycle religiously. I love being able to fill up my glass at the tap and not worry about boiling it or having bottled water in the apartment.

Amidst all of the speculation about water quality I'd love to see some solid links to specific, scientific information about the water quality in various parts of the country. Any advice?

For more interesting articles on the debate:
-James Card is an American journalist in South Korea. This is published in the Yale Environment 360.

-This blog, Korea Wetlands focuses on the various environmental issues surrounding the Korean wetlands, I've linked you to the page of articles tagged with the 4 rivers project.


alecminiero said...

Just because i have a lot of uncharacteristic energy tonight due to consuming a drink entitled Full Throttle around 3 and it being my first legal crack libation since Korea's 5,000W Jagerbomb concoctions, i will share a water story from 'living' days there...i was in fact so cheap some-most times, that for my normal drinking water (i only consume water and alcohol, with OJ only if sick by the way)i'd save bottles of water and refill them at any water-cooler i found; drum studio, restaurants, and even :rolling snare: my school.

Christian said...

Happy medium: Brita filter.