Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crime, Corruption, Crazy

In this article in the Korea Times, Kim Sue-young discussed the different problems that foreign workers face. The reporter managed to come up with concrete statistics, something I often cite as a significant problem in Kang Shinwho's articles. However, while Kim Sue-young mentions the types of cases filed there are no mentions of conflicts actually being resolved. Many foreigners emphasize the fact that even if they do go through official channels to file a complaint or seek legal action, the police or government agency seem very unlikely to actually do anything to help them.

BUT my favorite article for the day is this one, "Hagwon Sued for 'Pirating' SAT Book." This is from the hagwon that was busted recently for getting advanced copies of the SAT and selling it to their students. The title of the article focuses on the fact that they plagiarized some books. To that, I have to say big deal, they are like every other hagwon I've ever heard of. Obviously that sucks but no one would have caught them if they hadn't been under investigation for other things.  At the end of the article they mentioned that the former employee, Jeffrey Sohn, responsible for making the books had previously been kidnapped and beaten by the school for attempting to leave it for another job. Back up. KIDNAPPED AND BEATEN. Why wasn't THIS the title and focus of the article?!

I hope this leads to more investigation into the shady business practices of hagwons in Korea. I suppose that could be expanded to business practices and transparency issues period but let's face it, that's all wishful thinking on my part.

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Jeff Edwards said...

Wait, what?

Alex said...

I KNOW. The focus on the article was how this school plagiarized a bunch of textbooks and the end was like oh, PS they also kidnapped and beat an employee who tried to get out.

Oh Korea.

Kyle Crum said...

Hey, they'll get to this "kidnapping and beating" thing once they solve the mystery of who is making copies of the book. Priorities, people.

Alex said...

~giggles at Kyle~ So true.