Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Korean Class and Zombie Cheerleaders

Yesterday was my second ever formal Korean class.  It was good in that I finally learned how to conjugate a verb but only three students showed up, the Celestially Inclined Brit, Hooligan 1 and of course, myself.  Hooligan 1 is still working on the alphabet and the Celestially Inclined Brit actually already knew about verbs, kicked my ass in conversation and only got one thing wrong on the pop spelling quiz from last week's vocabulary words. I got two things wrong and the only verb I could use (before class) was 'to be.' Talk about being embarrassed--I've been in Korea for over a year and the Celestially Inclined Brit was talking circles around me. To focus on the positive: I remembered most of what I learned last week (yay for flashcards) and I was actually able to string together sentences by the end of class. H. is a pretty good teacher. She makes activities that are easily adaptable for a multilevel class and are stimulating enough for adult students to want to sit through. I maintain that having a drink during class is fantastic. 

Tonight I'm going to brave the dry cleaners and then meet for my weekly dinner and crappy movie night with the Female Kiwi and the Partial Asian. I used to hate crappy movies but they have converted me. Essentially you go to a DVD bang (dvd rental room place...often used for cheap sexual encounters between couples who can't afford a love motel. Note the easily wipe-able bed like couch, conveniently place box of tissues and thick door.) and pick a movie that looks terrible. Favorites include action movies, sequels and straight to DVD productions. Then, proceed to mock mercilessly and create your own sub-dialogues. Laughing yourself into hysterics is perfectly permissible. I think the Zombie Cheerleader Camp might be on the docket for this evening. . .

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Nancy K said...

Glad to hear that your Korean class is going well.