Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh will power, how you mock me.

Today, I was a good little adult. I went directly after work to pick up some take-out to eat later for dinner. Okay, so perhaps this wasn't Exactly good adult behavior but whatever, close enough. Dutifully I went home and ate my roll of kim bap which was the first kim bap I've ever encountered that was super salty, greasy and kind of gross. Like the McDonalds of kim bap. No matter though, i still ate it and it had multiple food groups so it counted as dinner.

What did I do 10 minutes later? I got out my spoon and my jar of peanut butter and worked on that too. Admittedly, it wasn't terribly far from me, residing as it does on my bedside table but you'd think that eating a proper dinner would help me resist it's unhealthy pull. Apparently not. In fact, as I type this, I'm getting a craving for kim too.

Oh, Alex.

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