Monday, January 17, 2011

Grocery Stores in America

Growing up, my father and I went grocery shopping every Saturday morning at our local IGA. It has 4 aisles. Not 4 super long aisles, just 4 small aisles. 
It's the type of place where they know my name and who in my family is allergic to what. When I was home for 2 weeks in December, they special ordered my favorite type of vanilla soy yogurt for me. 

The store where I do my grocery shopping in Texas is huge.  HEB seems to have more floor space than the local Costco.  (This is not my HEB, I did a google image search.)

When I realized I forgot to get Cheerios it meant walking for a few minutes before I could get back on track. It's completely overwhelming. The only positive side is that reading the aisle signs only takes me a second as opposed to a minute like it would in Korea. 

I have so far refused to go to HEB alone. 

Life Spaz: 
My food processor refused to turn on last night...right after I put the peanut butter and butter in to make peanut butter cookies. Salsa Boy beat the batter by hand for me but STILL IT WAS SO IRRITATING. I'm going to have my dad talk me through how to play with the wiring. I think it's just the connectivity in the back, nothing that some pliers and electrical tape can't fix. 

Not much else. It's actually kind of nice when I can go a few days without causing bodily harm to myself. 

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