Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Spaz Chronicles Continue

Sometimes, I think that I should change my blog name to the Spaz Chronicles.

Yesterday, I was sitting innocently on my couch when I went to move my leg to sit cross legged. All of a sudden I had an incredibly sharp pain in my foot. Luckily, Salsa Boy was home on his lunch hour and came quickly to my loud cries.
Me: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a splinter in my foot!!!!!!!!!!!
Salsa Boy: But...our floors our vinyl. And you are sitting down...on the couch.
Me: IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!! GET IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salsa Boy: Right. Tweezers, where are the tweezers?!
Me: CUP! In the cup!
Salsa Boy: ...in the cup? In the kitchen?
Me: NO THE BATHROOM WITH ALL OF THE MAKEUP STUFF. ~loud moans/whines of pain~

He managed to find the tweezers and even get what turned out to be a chunk of glass out of my foot. That's right, I got a chunk of glass in my foot while sitting on the couch. I was really confused by this, after all we've only had the couch for a week and all of our glassware is still intact. Then I remembered that our couch came from a movie set and something probably broke on it during the movie. At least the glass bit didn't get lodged in my butt. Note to self: In the future, thoroughly vacuum all second hand furniture before use.

Despite the bleeding and shouts of pain it didn't turn out to be too bad once it wasn't actually in my foot. Then poor Salsa Boy got to go back to the office after his much more lively than expected lunch break.

As my dear friend Bambi* would say, "Oh, Alex."

*Obviously Bambi is not his real name as Bambi is not a stripper or porn star.


Josh said...

Oh Alex is right......

Anonymous said...

bambi spaz .. lol .. you are full of life and I appreciate it! You may be suprised by how many people there are who love to see through the eyes of others. Keep up the good work. Keep on posting! We need you!