Friday, March 25, 2011

Like Texan, Like Dog: Fat.

Two days ago at the dog park I was informed that my dog was so thin! Which in the typical Texan way eventually arrived at the small group of dog owners telling me that they really thought she was too thin. Which is interesting considering everything I've read about dogs and the visit to the vet last week told me differently. In fact, she should really lose 5 pounds in order to be considered perfectly healthy.

Every other dog at the park was chubby. Sort of like their owners.

They also harped on her flea collar saying that the monthly spray was the only way to go. My last dog had a flea collar for 19 years and never got fleas. Why use something more expensive?

I smiled graciously and said I'd talk to my vet about it.

Sometimes, Texas drives me nuts.

Spaz attack: 2 minutes before my birthday ended I accidentally stabbed myself with a dart. It really made me miss the plastic tipped, electronic game version from Korea.


Jeff Edwards said...

You're back, too? I'm back in MA. Did a tour of the old hills just last Saturday, and found me a Hitzig, even.


Josh said...

bwahahahahaha! your spaztasticness never ceases to amuse me ;)

Rachel said...

We stopped using flea collars in favor of the top spot liquid that you put on their back 1x per month during tick weather or every 3 months for just fleas. Kills the eggs as well as the fleas.

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