Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Small Adventures

I went to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and was very excited about blogging about it. Only, when I went to sit down and blog it didn't seem so exciting anymore. Lots of things are alien and strange to me (ie, all of Texas) but not necessarily interesting to anyone else. For instance:

Me: OMG LOOK!!!!!!!
Salsa Boy: What??
Me: RANCHES! Real, honest to goodness ranches!!!!! They look just like they do in the movies!!
Salsa Boy: ~laughs at me~ I knew it was a good choice to take the scenic route.

I continued to be fascinated by the dusty, rolling landscape while he continued to be amused by my reactions.

The plan was to do the very romantic river walk before going to his parents' house for dinner. Salsa Boy was excited to take me before tourist season hits and it is jammed packed with tourists. Unfortunately, being the calender-less spazes that we are, neither one of us was aware of the fact that it was Mardi Gras. Apparently, San Antonio took it upon itself to create a tourist boom with crazy Mardi Gras floats going down the river and live music. Romantic walks are less romantic when they involve very large, inebriated crowds. Still entertaining though.

Life is moving.


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Yzabel said...

Never under estimate the power of Mardi Gras tourists! We were in New Orleans last year and it was freaking crazy...I believe I am still scarred from most of what we saw.

Turner said...

Hey Alex, fellow Austinite transplant to South Korea about to return home. Do you mind if I ask you something personal? How did you know that your relationship with Salsa Boy would continue when you left Korea? Rather, how did you start up something serious knowing neither of you would be in the same place for that long? I'm struggling with that myself.