Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blue Behemoth Bliss

My amazing dad offered to drive down a pickup truck that he is retiring from his business Memorial Day weekend. It is in fact the same beautiful, blue behemoth that survived my first driving lessons. I'm beyond excited to have a car of my own. It's very environmentally conscientious to share a car but the fact of the matter is that in city with limited public transportation if Salsa Boy needs the car I'm a bit stranded.

I excitedly told my boss that I was getting my very own car. When I described it for him he looked a little bewildered and started the following conversation:

Boss: A pick up truck? You don't really strike me as the pick up truck type of person.
Me: Really? Why?
Boss: Well, you are kind of earthy. (This is entirely true, I do harp on about recycling and eating less meat in order to reduce my carbon footprint).
Me: Huh. I'm still going to drive the more gas efficient car to work but this way I won't have to depend on Salsa Boy (who is notoriously difficult to get going in a timely fashion in the morning) to get here if he needs the car in the afternoon.
Boss (looking decidedly doubtful): True....

The fact is that pick up trucks are wonderful. When you see strange and amazing things on the side of the road (and I'm hoping to run into some bookshelves soon or a table for my porch) you can actually stop and put them in the back. When attempting to parallel park you don't need to worry about messing up the alignment if you accidentally pop the curb. Perhaps the best gas guzzling feature of all is that it's an automatic. I will no longer have to worry about rolling back and hitting the lovely person behind me in traffic who decided to stop 2 inches from my bumper at the light. Also, it has a lovely assortment of dents (of which, I'm only responsible for some fairly minor front bumper scratches) which clearly tell other drivers to reconsider parking next to me, tail-gating, or attempting to cut me off in traffic. All in all, a wonderful deal.

Spaz Attack: NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~knock on wood~. I know, a rare few days when I can honestly report no major spastic occurrences. Unless you count such minor injuries as stubbed toes, which I don't


Nancy K said...

At least it's not a full sized pickup.

Josh said...

Poor dad.... He'll only have two pickup trucks left now!!! ;)

I do miss driving a large automatic dodge sometimes..... the parking methods available are "interesting"

Allen's Grey Matter Inc. © 200...whatever !! said...

First time to your blog. Congratulations on your new pickup.
Interesting compilation. :)