Wednesday, September 24, 2008

*guilty face*

I should never promise to post more often, obviously this bodes poorly for me posting. However, I do have semi valid excuses!

1. I am sick. Not deathly ill but I have almost no voice which makes teaching 6 year olds very challenging. Not to mention my toddler class 3 times a week. Happily, they are not put off by croaky, off key renditions of 'Old McDonald Had a Farm' and seem to enjoy it even more. My 'moo moos' are particularly convincing croaky.
2. I have an open class on Friday. This means I am ridiculously busy preparing and decorating and stressing in a way that only I can. However, everyone is a bit stressed because Korean mamas can be very intimidating. As my friend put it: "It's like imagine your wonderful Jewish mother. Times 10 million---i.e. very scary." They want the best for their children and are very serious about making sure it's happening.

I got my hair cut, highlighted and blown out all for only $30. This would cost at least $80 in the states. It looks fabulous. I know I have lots of other more important things I should be buying for my apartment but I figure I need to look fabulous for the open class, right? I'm also wearing my most professional outfit-- a pretty gray suit skirt my mother made me and a top I found at Saks Off 5th for $10. I am the queen of bargains, obviously. :-p

There shall be a more substantial post later. If I ever finish making things in my class look Absolutely Perfect. We'll see. I plan on vegging out tonight, watching old episodes of the Gilmore Girls and going to sleep early. Also, praying that my voice sounds less croaky tomorrow.

Dear Body,
Please stop hating me.

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Jessica said...

Don't be guilty! It's okay. I think we all know that adjusting to a new routine takes time. Especially across the globe. It's almost the end of September and only today do I finally feel like I have adjusted to my new routine. It involves lots and lots of class, lots and lots of homework and a very small portion of life.

I miss you! Good luck with your open class! (Not that you need it)