Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pictures, etc.

So I have two very good excuses for not posting any pictures or updating recently.
1. I come home from work in pain and just want to lay down and wallow.
2. The internet at home is made of suck and not working very well and my landlord won't fix it (it's included in my rent so I don't even know who my internet provider is).
Reasons one and two make me very unwilling to go anywhere for internet. But here I am, at a PC bang with my computer so pictures can be posted! These are all from my climbing weekend.

These are views between our tent and the half way point of our hike to the climbing area.

These are pictures of the ancient Buddhist temple at the halfway point where we would get water and such before doing the last kilometer or so to the climbing area.

And now onto the actual climbing pictures! So exciting, I know. This first set of pictures is from my warm up climb, a 5.9. I was shaking so hard that I made it really hard for myself. Doing all of the calls and trying to remember how to say 'take' or 'rope' in Korean was a little stressful at first. It was actually pretty funny, I struggled up this 5.9 because I was shaking so hard and then the next climb I tried, a 5.10b (much harder), I got half way up it easily before I took a fall on an overhang. The first picture is of a girl I was climbing with and the trip leader, Choi opa, who is an international climber (apparently, what do I know). Every hour or so you would see Choi making coffee. The man lives on caffeine. And people at work call me addicted!

This picture is the start of the 5.10b! I mainly worked on this one all weekend. It's a great problem with crack climbing, a killer overhang and some interesting foot work. For me the hardest part was unclipping as I went up since I've only done it once before. There was a clip that I had to do while hanging on an inverse inclimb that made me mutter angrily in French every time.

etc. etc. I like climbing. I have 2 weeks and 3 days before I'm even allowed to consider climbing again. Not that I'm counting. However, the pain is a bit less today and that's something. I'm bored without climbing. A lot of my acquaintances are climbing people and I don't even have cell phone numbers to let them know why I keep bailing on my normal climbing days. At least I decided to wait until November to get my monthly membership or it would have been 60,000won down the drain.


Chris said...


also still impressed over here at how hard that stuff looks AND you can do it.

Nancy K said...

Oh my God! This is your mother looking at you doing this! Did I really want to know!? I am very impressed that you can do this.

Anonymous said...

the area that your are climbing is beautiful. I like the pictures of the temple with the mountains in the background. Glad it was not me climbing, but I saw the rope so I was not to worried.


Jessica said...

Squeee! Climbing pictures. It looks awesome. I hope you feel better and try not to count the days too much. Climbing out doors is different and scared the crap out of me at first. I barely have the time to climb like once a week. Its rather upsetting. Miss you! Rob says hi. Or he would if he were home. . .

A Cuban In London said...

Beautiful landscape!

Greetings from London.