Monday, February 15, 2010

Paris Hilton in Korea?!

The Chosun Ilbo is showing Paris Hilton resplendent in hanbok, navigating chopstick use and posing with Korean stars. I have to admit, as much as the thought baffles me the woman is rocking the hell out of that hanbok. Fail for the article: the second time 'hanbok' is mentioned it's misspelled as "handbook."

...I never ever thought I'd blog about Paris Hilton, let alone in a positive light but there you go. There is a first for everything.


Kyle Crum said...

Now I know I've made it...I live in a city where Paris Hilton visited.

On another note, the word verification for this comment is "butless". Seems like an odd choice.

Alex said...

~giggles madly~. Alas, I have no control over what your word verification will be on any given day...or they would all be along those lines. :-D

Josh said...

heehee! i think s. korea may have just gotten (collectively) a bit dumber by association

Alex said...


Brian said...

That article is a couple years old, but she nevertheless turns up in the papers and magazines every now and again (she's a model/spokeswoman for FILA Korea). Last summer they started running her show on MTV and did a photoshoot with a bunch of Korean women dressed like her (pardon the plug):

Remarkable that a woman like Hilton is accepted here. A Korean celebrity does anything remotely wrong and s/he is shunned by the media and public here. Hell, when singers are even rumored to have sex tapes their careers are just about ruined.

Alex said...

@ Brian: No worries about the plug! I already read your blog but I hadn't read all of the archives. I didn't realize that it was an old article as the newspaper I pulled it from published it as 'new.'

I think that Western celebrity behavior is generally accepted as something they do as being strange foreigners...and thus held to a different standard of moral conduct. Granted, I think that if Hilton had sex tapes leaked and she had been with a Korean man (or god forbid, a woman) it would have been just as scandalous for her here.