Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny and Frustrating

The second day of the new year/new semester at school was so mind blowingly frustrating that I refuse to write about it until I calm down a bit more and get some distance. I maintained my cool all day, of which I am proud but...there are limits with my ability to self-edit.

Let's focus on the amazing: Korean class. Last night I wrote my very first paragraph. It was on the oh so scintillating topic of my daily schedule. Not exactly prize winning stuff but I was exceedingly proud of it.

Here are my other favorite moments from this week's Korean class:
M: What was the first word that you just said?
Teacher: ...That was your name.

M: My boyfriend just texted me...everyone is out drinking together and apparently his co-worker keeps trying to grab his hand ....Sorry guys, back to class work!
The Cragon: It's okay...hand rape was an interesting story!

Me, on figuring out the future tense sentence/grammar order: 'This weekend drink I will.
...KOREAN IS LIKE YODA!!!!!!!!!!!'

How can you not love a class that is full of gems like those?


Kyle Crum said...

I expect my days to be nothing less than frustrating. That way, I'm prepared for the onslaught of ridiculousness.

Alex said...

Oh god, I do, I really do try. This was just ridiculous. I made myself breath and repeat (silently): Just go with the flow. Go with the flow. Do not 'lose face.' Do not make others around you 'lose face.' Go with the nauseum.

It helped a little.

Josh said...

yay for learning how to talk like master yoda!

Alex said...

I wonder if for the Korean subtitles...they had to reverse it to make Yoda's voice follow regular English grammatical patterns....

~ brain melt ~