Saturday, March 20, 2010

Instruments of DOOM

I decided awhile ago that I was going to go to the jimjilbang (think of a Korean take on ancient Roman bathhouses) or a spa and pamper myself after work on Friday to commence my birthday weekend. Everyday as I walk to school I pass a giant 24 hour jimjilbang sign and having seen people in the area walk around with shower baskets, I thought why not? I couldn't find the entrance to it. Seriously. And even though my Korean is totally up to scratch for asking where things are and getting directions (assah Korean class!) I was overcome with a feeling of timidity about asking where someplace to go get naked was. So I quickly backed up to plan B, go to the western style massage place in downtown Yangsan that a friend recommended to me.  Being Friday after work, they were full but I managed to make an appointment for the next morning.

This is when I ran into the instruments of doom. It was the single most painful massage I've ever had, inept boyfriends included. I told her 'it hurts' but she took that to mean, that part of my body hurts and she should work it more! Why does my Korean fail me when I get flustered? It's like everything goes out the window when I'm the least bit anxious. All I can do is stutter out the occasional mispronounced word instead of the lovely sentences I've been learning how to make in class. Parts of it were okay but she went nuts trying to get the knots out of my shoulders. I wish I could have said: don't bother they are all sorts of fucked from playing the violin for over a decade but I couldn't even come close to that and she didn't speak a word of English.  When I came home, I looked at my back in the mirror and not only was it bruised, it looked like she burst capillaries. I don't mark easily. I tend to get bruises on my legs because I smack into things with remarkable force and general spastic movements but I have to hit something pretty darned hard to mark.

Oh well. There is still chocolate cake to be had and dancing to be done. I will not let my birthday plans be foiled!