Monday, April 26, 2010

Life and BusanHaps

Okay, I went from posting 6-7 days a week to 3 to practically none this week. Reform must happen! I just have a ton on my plate at school lately and my personal life is slowly sorting itself out which shall hopefully lead to more regular posting. I SHOULD be working on a different writing project this evening but instead I vacuumed my apartment, dusted, and did the dishes. At least I was productive!

(Stupid) Secret:
I am now a writer for BusanHaps, an English language magazine on what's happening in Busan. Why is this a pseudo/stupid secret? Shouldn't I have been shouting the news on my blog? That's what bloggers do right? They self pimp do an almost disgusting level. And while I told my close friends about it...I felt (and feel completely embarrassed) by it. First of all, I'm never satisfied with anything I write. At all. Ever. I officially have the Sarah Lawrence complex of doom where I'm convinced that unless it's been through 600 edits, 10 billion rewrites and is 30+ pages long (okay, not always the last one) it's terrible. And even when I've put myself through all of that I'm still convinced it could be better.  To the point where I agonize over writing and it isn't fun anymore. Another reason I didn't talk about it on the blog: my article isn't on the website from the latest issue. All of the print ones don't seem to be up yet (or maybe they are cutting some?) and whatever the reason, I take every excuse to assume that I'm terrible!

Sunday I went back and forth about 20 times over whether or not to attend the writers meeting for the upcoming issue. I finally convinced myself to just do it and as a consolation/braveness prize (or cowardice prize?) I bought myself a lovely soy vanilla latte at Starbucks before I went. It was worth it. The writers meeting was fun and it was a blast to brain storm, get feed back from my editors AND get assigned article topics for the upcoming issue. I walked out of the meeting feeling like I was on cloud nine...until I realized that I had gotten the date of my first webcast mixed up and I COULD have stayed in town later instead of rushing home right after.

Goal of the month: to stop being so hard on myself.


Bobby McGill said...

You're an awesome writer. Give me a call so I can set up some interviews with the Shinsegae folks. Our Korean PR girl will accompany you or we can do it by email.

You rock


Alex said...

Awww, thanks Bobby! Will call tomorrow.

Josh said...

YES! STOP being so hard on yourself kiddo!

Josh said...

also, i want links to your articles!!!!

eraponte said...

I agree with Bobby. You're a great writer... bottom line... you're published! CONGRATS!!!

Nancy K said...

Absolutely! You never believe me when I tell you what a good writer you are. You always say, but you're my mother you have to say that. No, I don't have to. It's time for you to believe it on your own.

Ivan said...

just discovered your blog :) good stuff :)..I am also new to Busan :)...have you ever considered hosting your blog on your own server with your own domain name?..I think you would love to use wordpress for managing your you can find and customize really cool free themes...I like that you are consistent with your posting..I also like to blog..not about korea..but just my observations on life...if you like you can check it out at you ever need any help with setting up a new blog let me know....take care


Alex said...

Hi Ivan, I'll totally check out your website.

I don't want to have my own server, mainly because I don't want to pay. Wordpress is better from what I've heard...but now that I'm here I don't want to have to change over. Might do in the future at one point though.

Rachel S said...

I love your writing whether it is what you have edited multiple times, or what you just put down when you are not feeling well. It is so full of passion, and commitment, and observations. Please put up another link when there are articles you have written that are posted on line. Thank you.