Saturday, May 8, 2010

Updated Will

Today I'm riding on the back of Female Kiwi's motorcycle to Hongbeop Temple, about 20 minutes away.  She is a very responsible driver and I'll be wearing a helmet...but let's face it: Disaster follows me. Just in case we wipe out and die, here is my updated will:
1. My books should go to the Hemingway lending library.
2. My ancient computer shall go to my mom...because it's still less ancient than hers.
3. Hooligan 1 can have my coffee pot and toaster oven.
4. Partial Asian can have my iron...and the rest of my amazing Swiss chocolate.
5. My ipod will go to my mom.
6. My Harry Potter Books go to Vanessa.

This is so morbid.  Oh well. Drive safe Female Kiwi!!!!!!

1 comment:

Josh said...

hope you made it back alive!!! i'd HATE to lose my favorite sister!!!!