Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Principal, Spaz Attack

We got a new principal for the start of the semester. In the USA, people tend to stay at the same school for several decades. In Korea, you can't stay for more than 5 years at one school and you are often forced to teach a different subject/year every year within that school. So much for fine tuning lesson plans over the year and getting comfortable with an age group. Tomorrow night we are having an official welcoming party.  It's not like I have better  plans but  Friday nights are sacred. My priorities are a red meat dinner, chocolate, a beer, and some serious R and R.  A couple of the new teachers this semester have struck up conversations with me (yay for my Konglish skills) but generally, staff functions are a bit lonely for me.  On the plus side, there is guaranteed to be a plethora of food and booze which does meet two of my Friday night requirements. Does the new principal speak English? Who knows.

Spaz attack:
1. My lovely cut tongue is a bit infected. I can't exactly but Neosporin in my mouth so I bought some mouth wash and am using it a few times a day which seems to be helping.

2. Last night I stubbed/rammed my second smallest toe into the bottom of a bookcase. It's still seriously painful though it doesn't seem broken. I think I just bruised the bone.

Random: I went to the school library today to take out a kid's book to practice my Korean. It's called 고래 똥 향수 or Whale Poo Perfume. It's a little hard for me but I should be able to get through it with a dictionary. They don't seem to have any REALLY beginner books, probably because we don't have a kindergarten program.

Bring on the whale poo!


Nancy K said...

You could go to the doctor about the tongue you know.
Have fun at the party. Won't your co teacher be there?

Josh said...

whale poo perfume huh? sounds highly educational!

Alex said...

Well yes but she has to talk to other people too!

Kyle Crum said...

Well, now at least you'll be able to talk to people about whale poo, so that's something.

Alex said...

The key vocabulary I learned from the book was really 'smell.' Being able to tell someone about the really big poo smell in the hall could be seriously useful in a school! :-p