Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blogger/iphone FAIL

Recently I got an iphone. AT&T had a deal where you got an iphone 3GS for $50. Since Salsa Boy already had a plan, the costs per month were minimal. Ever since then, it seems like I only turn on Marilyn (my laptop) about once a week to deal with financial stuff. Here is the problem: blogger sucks on the iphone. There is an app where you can post from your phone which is nice but it's really hard to read blogs on blogger from my dashboard. I get inspired to write by reading other blogs. SO I'm making a promise to myself--turn on Marilyn more often!

I started a new job recently. I'm not sure what company policy is about employee blogging so mentions of it here will be minimal. Let's just say that I work in an office. Apparently, I replaced a string of very nice people who were also dumb as rocks. I am redoing some older paperwork and the errors are phenomenal. Like...misspelling "February" or forgetting to fill in all of the blanks on a form. Like my 6th grade ESL students in Korea could have probably done a better job.

It made my OCD tendencies absolutely nuts. At least when I finish fixing all of these things I won't be tortured daily anymore.

On a more positive note: no major spaz attacks recently! Unless you count paper cuts from paperwork which in the grand scheme of Alex being a spaz is pretty minimal.

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