Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elections...of some sort in South Korea

 The past week has been full of people strangely dressed with matching colors, numbers, pamphlets and cards. Not to mention the trucks that go buy blaring advertisements for the candidates (during school hours next to our school) or building sized posters that get hung up (which makes me wonder how much they pay the businesses to go without natural light for days on end). I know that there is a big mayoral race going on in Seoul right now so I figured it's the same for the Busan/Yangsan area. I'm not entirely sure about the particulars though. I tried googling it but mainly Busan elections seem to merit a byline in articles about the Seoul elections.

Anyways, Thursday after work (and the start of a glorious three-day weekend, thank you Buddha's birthday!) I headed into town to get my soy latte fix at Coffee Jigi. After an hour or so of studying Korean and caffeinating myself, I walked down the street to meet people for dinner and this is the sight that greeted me:
 You'd think that the road would be closed off for something like this--especially since it would be easy to reroute traffic in my neighborhood but oh no. There were trucks and lined up volunteers on both sides of the road. Can you tell that the women behind the men are doing more than clapping. There was a dance. I tried to film it but traffic is not conducive to home video production. I was also the only one running around taking photos of the volunteers lining the streets. Some of the volunteers looked confused, others amused, and I'm pretty sure I got a couple of eye rolls. The things I do for blog documentation!
Originally the 7 girls were just wearing their own mismatched flower visors but an organizer came over, distributed hats and took them away. I want a number hat!

Look! Police directing traffic and helping people cross the street!!!!!!!! I honestly wonder if anyone got hit recently during a rally that inspired this. It was nice though to relax about careening motor bikes, buses and cars all trying to run me down.**

Lots more to blog about the weekend with more pictures. Some of them even include my lovely mug! I think I"ll probably spread it out over the next couple of days since I promised my mother I'd finish rewriting her website already...

**My mother claims I am the most morbid person she has ever met. Considering the fact that I've posted a will on my blog twice I think she might have a point. However, I'm sure we could find someone more morbid than I am. Maybe. With much Google searching.


Nancy K said...

Great post!

asadalthought said...

They're the equivalent of local council elections, for the head of the gu (whatever the official title is). I find them completely hilarious - I love how the campaigners always try and get me to vote. Why do they waste their breath?

Anyways, I'm rooting for the middle aged man in the suit...

Alex said...

Hee hee. The ones in my neighborhood/town leave me alone they go to hand me a flyer, realize I'm white and drop their hand. It's kind of funny to watch.

Thanks for the info asadalthought!