Friday, May 21, 2010

In Which I Go Utterly Overboard on Tourism in Busan

I have spent the past day and a half going nuts with tourism and blog worthy photographs. Unfortunately, 12 hours of being on my feet mean that I have zero desire to actually edit, upload photos and write. So instead I will link you to an article I wrote for Busan Haps, the local print/web English magazine.

Article love.

This feels dangerously like self pimping's a blog. And I'm not getting paid for anything, blogging, writing for the magazine, you clicking the link...therefore, I've decided it doesn't count.

Click. Don't click! Whatever you feel like doing.

My ligaments are currently unhappy with me. Obviously, this calls for ibuprofen, chocolate, a book, and a letter.

Dear Ligaments,
Please don't be so tender and sore.


Mike Juneyoung said...

there's a typo in your article - "The crowing(crowning)jewel of the exhibit is definitely the second room, Impressionism and Post Impressionism."

Alex said...

Ouch. That's stuff my editor is supposed to catch! I'll pass it on. Thanks for the fix.

Rachel S said...

I loved the article. Both your insights and your humor. You should figure out a way to get paid (outside of when you live in Korea) for going to art galleries and writing about what you love, and writing about traveling and so forth.

Kyle Crum said...

Ligaments: "I am your ligaments, feel me. FEEL ME! You do not tell me what to do. Too long have I been ignored!"

Bobby McGill said...

Crowing Jewel... that is the hip new term. come on people, get with it. :-)

Josh said...

self-pimp away!!!!!!

Alex said...

Yup, crowing jewel is IN.

Dear Ligaments,
I hate you.